Steven Seagal & Robert Seagal 30.5 x 40.5 cm each, oil on canvas, 2014

I met a guy near Victoria Coach Station. I was on my way to get my coach and there was a homeless guy sleeping on his sleeping bag in the corner of the building from distance. I took a photo of him with my camera flash on. Then, I heard someone shouting at me from behind: “Are you taking a photo of a homeless guy, ah?” I was surprised, not embarrassed as I haven’t got any bad purpose, so I explained the reason of taking photo to that guy. We started to talk for a while, we sat on the bench and he started his life story about being homeless. He said, he was abandoned when he was young and was drugged by someone and ending up being adopted. He was born in America and he had the small American flag on his backpack. He tried to find his original parents and he heard from someone that his father is Steven Seagal, the Hollywood actor. It was hard to believe I said, and he said it was hard to believe for himself at the first time as well but now he has a belief that Steven Seagal is his father. He used to have a different last name from his stepparents but now he introduces himself as Robert Seagal. I googled Steven Seagal on my phone and tried to see if they look similar to each other. Robert looked quite older than his age and Steven looked so young. I was shacking my head and asked him if he is sure about that. He said it is true and attached that this is definitely a hollywood film story. No one is helping him to go back to America and find his father, as he said no one believes this story. He showed me all the photos from his childhood and a printed image of Steven Seagal with his current wife. I asked him if it was okay to take a photo of him and he said yes. So, I took the second photo of a homeless guy in that day. My bus was about to leave so I had to say good bye. See you again, he said. Now, all I have is one picture of him I took and these are the painting of him, Robert Seagal and his father Steven Seagal.