in. 16min 25 second, 2013, Seoul, Korea

This short film is about a girl entering the house of one guy that she has been following. She found the door of his apartment was slightly opened and got inside. She acts like she already has been there and trying to feel everything related him. She touches and smells his personal stuffs even his clipped nails, like she wants to know every single detail of his life. She feels some kinds of catharsis while she peeing in his toilet. Eventually fall a sleep in his bed naked. But when he found a naked girl in his house, he decided to get inside of the bed cover and lay down next to her. This happened in a day of very hot summer that everything is melting down and sweating. Sometimes there is a need to have a break, even if that means lay down next to the girl has been following himself. This film is talking about retorted emotions which is odd but might everyone has.

in from Soohyun Choi on Vimeo.